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The rules of submission of articles in the magazine

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Before submitting your copyright material for review and publication, please read the following information for Authors: Provision on ethics of scientific publications

The rules of submission of articles in the magazine
are developed according to the Information message of the highest certifying commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (14.10.2008 No. 45.1-132)


To the publication only articles (materials) corresponding to the following specialties of the Nomenclature of professions of scientists approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation are accepted:
08.00.01. Economic theory
08.00.05. Economy and management of a national economy
08.00.10. Finance, monetary circulation and credit
08.00.12. Accounting and statistics


For publishing are accepted articles (materials), which have never been published.


Articles(materials) have to be presented on paper and/or in the file form.


In electronic form materials are accepted on the magnetic carrier (a diskette, a CD disk, etc.) or are transferred by e-mail: md_sifbd@nnet.ru.


The material should be typed in text editor MS Word: the font of the 12th pin, line spacing - 1.5, page numbering continuous, starting with the first one.


Schedules, charts have to be provided in the MS Excel format. All drawings are carried out only in black-and-white scale, full-color illustrations aren't allowed.


Tables are submitted in the format MS Word, MS Excel.


The volume of author's material shouldn't exceed 12 typewritten (computer) pages. In case of representation of material bigger on volume, than it is provided by these rules, edition reserves the right to reduce it, or to return to the author for reduction, or to print in full in case of extreme importance and scientific relevance of material.


At the beginning of article the index according to classification tables UDC is specified; the name of article, a name, a middle name and a surname of the author (authors) are provided; data on the author (an academic degree and a rank, a position and a place of work/study (completely and an abbreviation)) with the indication of a legal form of the organization; the short summary (from 500 to 1000 characters with spaces, is italicized and separates from the text the admission of a line); keywords or concepts (3 - 5).


In English have to be presented in the separate file: name of article; name, middle name and surname of the author (authors); data on the author; summary; keywords (3 – 5). At publication of the scientific article in a foreign language existence of keywords and the summary in the Russian and foreign languages is obligatory.


References to the used sources are given after the quote in square brackets with the indication of serial number of a source of citing, volume and the page, for example: [1, t. 2, page 25]. The  bibliography of literature settles down after the text of article, numbered, preceded by the word "Literature" and is made out according to GOST P 7.05-2008 as a mention or citing in the text of article (not in alphabetical order). At one number is admissible to specify only one source. All bibliographic elements of foreign sources should be specified in original language, whenever possible avoiding abbreviations. When using the Internet it is necessary to specify heading of the title page of a resource, the full address of finding of a resource and date of the last visit of the web page.


All abbreviations and reductions, except for obviously well-known, have to be deciphered at the first mention in the text.


Articles prepared by graduate students, competitors of an academic degree of the candidate of science are accepted only in the presence of the written review of the research supervisor (head of the department) reflecting scientific novelty of this work (volume – 1 page).
Articles of graduate students of full-time tuition are published free of charge at representation in edition of the certificate of a study status/place. An indispensable condition of the free publication is registration by authors of an annual subscription to the Siberian Financial School magazine. A bill is made out authors after the solution of an editorial board on adoption of article to the publication for a subscription


Editorial necessarily provides scientific and conceptual review and stylistic editing of materials published in the magazine. Reviewed by the members of the Editorial Board in accordance with the profile of the presented work and / or involved Edited by independent experts - known scientists and experts in accordance with the procedure of reviewing manuscripts. Edition by e-mail tells to the author results of reviewing, at its request sends the text of the review, and in case of the negative review of the presented work sends its text to the author. The negative review is the basis for refusal in the publication of the text of the presented work.


Publication paid: one strip (page) of the magazine – 900 RUR(including the VAT).


In the separate file the author (authors) needs to issue the demand for the publication in the offered in which it is necessary to specify contact phones, the postal address and the e-mail address.


Floppy disks, manuscripts and photographs will not be returned.


At the subsequent publication of article in other editions the author is obliged to make a reference to primary publication in the Siberian Financial School magazine (year, number).

The author (authors) needs to issue the demand for the publication in the offered.

Managing Editor N Belyaeva.