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To the question of the need to reorganize the transformation of the world monetary and financial system in the context of global crisis phenomena and multipolarity

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UDC Code: 
339.72:339.747: 332.05
Fadeikina Natalia V. Doctor of Economic Sciences in specialty 08.00.10 «Finance, monetary circulation and credit», Professor  (fadeikinanv@yandex.ru)
Pilova Fatima I. Candidate of Economic Sciences  (faty116.fp@gmail.com)

The article reveals the essence of monetary policy, examines the impact of the global economic crisis on the world monetary and financial system. The purpose of this article is to characterize the main current trends in the reorganization and transformation of the world monetary and financial system, due to fundamental shifts in the structure of the world economy (from a relatively predictable world to a world characterized by a high level of turbulence) in the context of the global crisis, manifested, in particular, in the form of the crisis of the cost of living and multipolarity.

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