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Interaction management in the sphere of differently directed blockchain platforms

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Kozenko Yu Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor  (kozenkoja@volsu.ru)

Brief annotation: attempts to realize the opening possibilities for the practical use of new forms of communication at various levels are guaranteed to lead to a wide differentiation of the areas of interaction themselves. To date, it is blockchain technologies that have proven to be the most adapted to fully satisfy a number of the most important needs of society. The need to create and debug a unified information base, simultaneously linked to the information bases of various ministries, is clearly manifested. Promising approaches to solving intradepartmental and inter-departmental interactions should be determined already at the stage of developing technical specifications for those organizations that are responsible for scientific support and software for the created services. The most complete implementation of the options available today, which open up unique opportunities for using multidirectional blockchain platforms, ensuring the achievement of mutually enriching effects on the basis of this, is the most important issue that initially needs coordinated solutions.

1. Bykov A.Yu. Pravo cifrovoj ekonomiki: nekotorye narodno-hozyajstvennye i politicheskie riski // Na puti k grazhdanskomu obshchestvu. 2017. № 1 (25). S. 5–15.

2. Kozenko Yu.A. Upravlenie cifrovymi finansovymi aktivami na urovne predpriyatiya APK / V sbornike: Problemy ustojchivogo razvitiya i ekologo-ekonomicheskoj bezopasnosti regionov // Materialy XIII Mezhregion. nauch.-prakt. konferencii, g. Volzhskij, 14–15 sent. 2017 g. / Volzh. gumanitar. in-t (filial) VolGU. Volgograd: VolGU, 2017. S. 81–87.

3. Kozenko Yu.A., Kozenko T.E. Upravlenie marshrutizaciej lechebnogo processa posredstvom blokchejn-tekhnologij // Sibirskaya finansovaya shkola. 2019. № 3 (134). S. 25–27.