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Problems of state support for innovative projects (on the example of RUSNANO and FRP)

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Shmagirev A. Candidate of Economic Sciences  (shmagirev2020@gmail.com)

The reform of development institutions that is taking place in Russia makes it possible to improve their work, including in terms of expanding the tools of the mechanism of state financing of innovative projects. Today, in Russia, financing of innovative projects in the form of providing funds is mainly carried out by two development institutes – JSC «RUSNANO» and the federal state institution «Industrial Development Fund» (FRP). The first is in the form of contributions to the authorized capital, the second is in the form of loans. The conditions for providing funds can be considered as a compromise between two approaches-a bet on the free market and a focus on state intervention. On the one hand, there is an investment of public funds, on the other hand, the state is guided by the requirements of commercial efficiency, which reduces the effectiveness of state support for innovations.

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