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About the essence of digital transformation and assessment of the level of its development in Russia and other countries

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Tishchenko I. Candidate of Economic Sciences 

In the functioning of any organization, various technologies are always used, provided with appropriate equipment and software products. Over time, information and communication technologies and their accompanying software are being improved in the activities of organizations in order to expand their business and improve the quality of products, services provided and work performed. This process, which is continuous, leads to digitalization, digital transformation of business processes and the economy as a whole. The article reveals the content of the concept of digital transformation, provides examples of information and communication technologies (in terms of business digitalization) and their software, which were developed in different countries in the period from the mid-90s of the last century to our time, as well as key areas of digital transformation in socially significant areas (on the example of modern Russia). The article summarizes the best practices of applying digital technologies in Russia, the results of indexing the digitalization of business in various countries, and the assessment of the level of digitalization of economic sectors in Russia and Europe.

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