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Methodical and practical approaches to correction of process of strategic crisis management by the commercial organization as property complex

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Glushakova O Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor  (trinity@oaoktk.ru, safbd2@nnet.ru)

In the journal number five «Siberian Financial School» for 2016 authors published article devoted to a technique of asses-sment of results of functioning of the commercial organization as a property complex with use of process approach and with allocation on this basis of the basic functional strategy having priority value for ensuring sustainable development of the organization in the magazine. In this article authors, relying on the maintenance of the specified technique, consider possible administrative situations and offer approaches to correction of process of strategic crisis management by the commercial organization.

1. Glushakova O.V., Sycheva-Peredero O.V. Metodika integralnoy ocenki rezultatov funkcionirovaniya imushchestvennogo kompleksa organizacii v processe realizacii korporativnoy strategii antikrizisnogo upravleniya // Sibirskaya finansovaya shkola. 2016. no 5 (118). S. 97-112.

2. Glushakova O.V., Sycheva-Peredero O.V. Korporativnaya strategiya antikrizisnogo upravleniya imushchestvennym kompleksom organizacii. Novosibirsk: SAFBD, 2017. 283 s.