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Critical remarks and debatable questions to the project of federal state educational standard of secondary professional education in the specialty 38.02.07 – Banking

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Fadeikina Natal`ya V. Doctor of Economic Sciences in specialty 08.00.10 «Finance, monetary circulation and credit», Professor  (fadeikinanv@yandex.ru, rektor@nnet.ru)

For evaluation of the project of the federal state educational standard of secondary professional education (FSES SPE+) in the specialty 38.02.07 – Banking problems of formation of the new practical focused model of professional education which is based on application of professional standards both such known foreign and domestic to student teaching of instruments of improvement of quality of education and competitiveness of graduates of the educational organizations as the advancing professional education are considered. 42 FSES SPE+ (on specialties and professions) developed on a new format of standards of the secondary professional education (SPE) and approved are analyzed one date – on December 9, 2016, including 12 FSES SPE+ (on specialties) which basis of design was formed by professional standards. Special attention is paid to a question of establishment of dates of receipt of education. Arguments are referred as the proof of need of increase in date of receipt of SPE in the specialty 38.02.07 – Banking for one year. Need of modification of the project of FSES SPE+ on the specified specialty regarding the list of the professional standards taken as a basis when developing the project is proved. Debatable questions, critical remarks and constructive proposals on contents of the project regarding application of professional standards and specification of names of professional competences are formulated. On the basis of telling arguments the author’s positions about respect for the principle of continuity of FSES (new FSES SPE+ has to consider all advantages of the existing standard, especially regarding a practical orientation that, undoubtedly, will promote increase in degree of satisfaction of employers with quality of training of experts), about opportunity/impossibility of development within FSES SPE+ in 38.02.07 «Banking» of a number of the generalized labor functions and (or) labor functions referred in functional cards of professional standards to the fifth and even to the sixth skill level and also about need of specification of the minimum requirements to results of development of the primary activities (according to cha-racteristics «nobility», «be able») specified in the Appendix 3 of the considered FSES SPE project for observance of both professional standards, and terminology are proved, used in the existing regulations of the Bank of Russia.

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